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Scout is a web application (SaaS) for real-time CNC machines monitoring. Machinery monitoring never was so easy and powerful.

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Scout is a about monitoring your CNC machines.

Monitoring for your business

If you're using CNC machines in your business, then Scout is for you. With Scout, you can easily check your machines' statuses and job statistics.

Access anytime, anywhere

Scout can be accessed with any modern web browser, desktop or mobile, 24/7.

Hassle-free integration

Because Scout works in SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model, you don't have to setup anything or make any changes in your infrastructure.
It just works.

Cost-effective solution

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Introduction to Scout

Watch quick introduction video.

Scout is for everyone in the CNC business

Whether you are machine user or manufacturer - Scout is for you.

For CNC machines users/owners

If you're using CNC machines in your business, then you need to know what's going on with your machines.
With Scout, it's possible to always be up-to-date with machines states, jobs and statistics.

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For CNC machines manufacturers

If you're building CNC machines, then it's crucial to provide the best support and services for your customers.
Scout will help you achieve that and more.

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