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Remote jobs

Fast and easy way to send files to the CNC machine.

This unique feature of Scout allows you to securely send queues of files from your computer located for instance in the office or at home, to your machine through Scout server. There's no more need for you to go the machine by yourself with the USB flash drives or setting up local file servers or sending emails. The files are downloaded automatically on your CNC machine computer and the operator of the machine just needs to start the process. You can also see the progress of the processing each file from the queue in Scout, so you always know what file and which queue your machine is currently doing.
Available only in Scout PREMIUM.

Remote jobs in CNC control software:

Fast creating remote jobs:

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Scout needs data from the machines and this data can be gathered in a few ways, depending on the machines you've got.

It means, that Scout can be used with almost any type of the CNC machine.

Scout Integrated

We've partnered with a several CNC machines manufacturers and if your machine is from one of them - then Scout can be set up in just a few minutes, without the need to buy any additional devices.

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Scout Digital

If your machine is one of the older types or you just want to know the working hours of it, then Scout Digital - which uses digital I/O module to get digital voltage signals from the machine - is for you.

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Scout Touch

A step up from Scout Digital - Scout Touch comes with a touch panel and optionally some other accessories that allow you to ie. know what employee is/was on the machine or the order that is/was processed.

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Scout MTConnect

Some of the CNC machines controllers support the MTConnect protocol - it's a great and unified way to get current status of your machines. Scout can get and understand this data. Note: comming soon

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Scout Desktop

When your machine already has a Windows-based PC, then we can take advantage of that and install free Scout Desktop application that will communicate with Scout server. Note: comming soon

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Not sure which solutions is right for you and your machines? Contact us or take a look at a comparison table.

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